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Time Content Assessment Assessment Leadership Construction Tools Other Topics Other Topics Edcite Playground
8:15 - 8:30 Registration Sign up for an Unconference & Lunch
8:30 - 9:30 Keynote: Linking Formative Assessment Moves: Rethinking Translation, Application and Practice with a Learning Progressions Framework - Dr. Brent Duckor (Event Center)
9:35 - 10:25 Ohio’s Science Standards and Assessments: Keep Calm and Experiment On! - Dr. Missi Zender (Rm.16) What Can You Do as an Administrator to Promote Assessment Literacy in your School? - Dr. Christina Dinklocker (Rm.12) Next Level Digital Assessments - Dave Miller & Mike Triska (Rm.18) Assessments in Preschool - Carole Varga & Amanda Blue (Rm.17) The Assessment Continuum - Donna Snodgrass (Rm.20) Learn (Rm.13)
10:30 - 11:20 Writing Aligned ELA Assessments - Dr. Bryan Drost (Rm.17) Assessment & Gifted Children: Beyond Identification - Tricia Ebner (Rm.16) Using The Interactive Coherence Map Tool To Build Tiered Math Assessments grade K-9 - Char Shryock (Rm.12) All About S.O.L.E! - Ann Radefeld (Rm.18) Teaching Science with Pizzazz! - Kristy Shearer (Rm.20) Play (Rm.13)
11:25 - 12:20 Why Do You Need an IPA in World Languages? - Kathy Shelton (Rm.20) Assessment Literacy—Creating a Literacy Plan for Your District - Amy Cruse & Heather Miller (Rm.18) Technology-Based Questions - Angela Terella (Rm.16) Making Real-Time Formative Assessment Moves: 7 Instructional Practices that Make a Difference in Assessment for Learning - Dr. Brent Duckor & Carrie Holmberg (Rm.17) Standards Based Performance Level Descriptors—Defining What Students Can Do As They Progress Towards Mastery - Char Shryock (Rm.12) Play (Rm.13)
12:25 - 1:05 Lunch / Unconference
1:10 - 2:10 Recycle your Assessments: Strategies to Enhance Learning - Steve Miller (Rm.18) Implementation and Alignment—A Conversation on How to Do Both with District-Purchased Curriculum to Ensure Alignment to Standards! - Jarred Zapolnik (Rm.12) Writing, Rigor and Rubrics - Angela Terella & Debbie Theirl (Rm.16) The Next Generation of Assessment Questions and Supportive Literacy Skills - Patricia Clayton (Rm.20) Three Principles in Aligned Math Assessments - Dr. Bryan Drost (Rm.17) Learn (Rm.13)
2:15 - 3:15 Authentic Assessments in the Social Studies & The Ohio Center for Law-Related Education - Ryan Suskey (Rm.12) Digital Formative Assessment Tools: Increasing Student Motivation - Dr. Bryan Drost & Tricia Ebner (Rm.17) Choose Your Own Google Adventure - Ann Radefeld (Rm.18) The Affective Side of Testing: The Impact of Self-Esteem on Testing Data - Brooke Mohr (Rm.20) Value-Added: Interpreting that Data to Coach Teachers - Angela Terella (Rm.16) Play (Rm.13)

Ohio Assessment Literacy Conference will be held at

Summit Educational Service Center

Parking: Please park in the lot off of Oakwood Drive - across the street from Eddy's Deli

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