State-Aligned for Your School or District

  • Find or build content aligned to your state standards
  • Mirrors the AzMERIT® Test to prepare students
  • Instant feedback for students, teachers and administrators regarding performance
  • Respond to data with intervention groups
  • Advanced Features and Reports available with Edcite Schools

Practice arizona-Aligned Assessments All Year with Edcite Schools

Request information about premium platform and learn how to arizona-Aligned digital Common Assessments to improve learning in your School or District!

Why Use Edcite Schools for High Quality State-Released Assessments from the Department of Education

What's the difference between Edcite and Edcite Schools?

High quality content from your state
Engaging technology-enhanced item types
Real-time data for live progress monitoring
Testing environment that aligns to your state test
Text to speech built in to the platform
Lock-down browser capability
Item Analysis and actionable differentiation tools
Build and monitor student groups
Send content as a common assessment across your team
Analyze data at the class, school, or district level

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