Manage Student Lists

Edcite provides teachers with the ability to send online assignments to their students and and track progress of these students.  Each teacher on Edcite creates a student list which will be used to pick students to send an assignment to.

For each student added, an Edcite student account will be created if one does not already exist for that student.  For students with email, accounts are created by sending email invitations to the student who then creates the account.

Accessing my Student List

To access the students list, click on Manage Students in the teacher home page. The Manage Students page is opened.  From this page you can add and delete students from your list of students.  

You will need to use this list of students when sending assignments to students.

Adding Students to the List

To add a student to the list of students, click on the Add Student button, and enter the student information in the form.  

The required fields are Student Userid, First Name, Last Name, and Student Email.  Optionally enter Course and Subject to easily filter by course or subject when sending assignments.

You will need to specify a userid for the student as well as the student's email address.  This is to enable adding students with existing accounts.  If a user with the same combination of email address and userid already exists in the system, that user will be added to your student list.

Managing Students without Email Access

 For students without email access, or if you prefer not to use email with any or all students, select the No Email option in the Student Invitations fields.

Enter a password for the student.  You will need to communicate the userid and password to the student yourself.  When students log into Edcite, they will see their assignments in the Notifications section of their home page.

Deleting Students

 To delete one or more students from your student list, select the student(s) and click Delete.

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